Creating Custom Designed Cakes for your most memorable events - Weddings, Celebrations, and Corporate Events - means finding those flavour profiles and design elements that mean the most to you. Consultations allow us to find inspiration from your surroundings, your most heartfelt memories, and a wealth of resources online. We’re always happy to create custom flavours for you - ask away if you’re craving something specific! Here are some of our Most Popular Flavour Options:

Signature Flavours


Chocolate and Coffee Cake filled with Coffee Buttercream. We've paired with Naked Coffee Roasters in Sacramento, CA to offer only the best quality, freshly roasted flavour for this delicious cake that is sure to keep you dancing the night away!


Almond + Raspberry

A traditional pairing, Almond Cake filled with silky Vanilla Buttercream and Raspberry Filling. This is a perennial classic for a reason! Delicate and light with a hint of tart.


Lemon + Blackberry

Zingy Lemon Cake filled with Alternating Layers of Lemon Buttercream and Blackberry Buttercream, filled with Blackberry Filling. 


Strawberry Blast

With flavour that only REAL fruit can get you, this delightfully delicious Strawberry Cake is filled with Strawberry buttercream. Pretty in Pink with specs of real fruit! You can't beat one of Mother Nature's most tasty treats! 


Classic Flavours

Classic vanilla

A classic done well, this light vanilla cake filled with vanilla buttercream is a perfect addition to any wedding menu. This vanilla cake is a perfect base for any variety of preferred flavour pairings. 


Chocolate Dream

Chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream, using only the best quality chocolate, internationally ACCLAIMED callebaut and ghirardelli, the pride of norcal, our chocolate cake is a chocoholic's dream! 

fun Event favourites


Our Chocolate Cake filled with Smooth Peanut Butter Buttercream & The Crunch of Toasted Peanuts and ganache!

Birthday Bash

Bring out the 6 Year Old in YOU! Colourful Funfetti Cake filled with Vanilla Buttercream!

Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Crunch

Delicious Chocolate Cake filled with Salted Caramel Buttercream, drizzles of ganache and salted caramel, and salted pretzels to add a crunch element to your celebration!

Raspberry Lemonade

Our Zingy Lemon Cake filled with delicious Raspberry Buttercream creates a beautiful flavour collab. Perfect for Spring and Summer freshness!


 We believe each client deserves a personalized piece of cake art that is unique and that best represents them. Your dream cake is within reach!