Cakes with 1-2 tier can be picked-up free of charge or delivered at an additional rate*.

Cakes 3 tiers and taller must be delivered. Elk Grove and Sacramento Area

Delivery Rate is $50 within 20 miles of Bakery in Elk Grove with $1.50/mile (one way) thereafter. 

Prices may vary depending on the location of your event. This is a price guide only. Delivery can be made by either yourselves or members of your party for one and two tiered cakes only. Cakes to be signed for upon pick-up or delivery by a designated individual/event planner. Likewise, delivery will be signed for by a designated individual at your venue. *Arrangements and rate to be discussed at consultation. 



Before the event
Fondant cakes are covered with a decadent layer of ganache before they are covered with fondant. This layer of ganache keeps your cake fresh until the day of your event without the need for refrigeration. When fondant is refrigerated and then taken back to room temperature it may sweat, making your cake look glossy. It is recommended not to refrigerate these cakes before your event.

Buttercream cakes and cupcakes can be refrigerated however it is not necessary to keep them fresh for the day of your event.

After your event
Because our cakes are made fresh to order, if you would like to store some for a rainy day, they can be wrapped in plastic wrap twice and frozen. Leave your cakes out in a room temperature space to defrost and enjoy again!


"I Found a picture online. Can you make it for me?"

We'd be more than happy to use your favourite elements of the photo inspiration in the custom design of your cake. We do not, however, create exact replica cakes. Each cake designer creates their own art with their cakes, and to honour our craft of delectably edible art, we do not replicate exact pictures. We believe that each client deserves a unique cake that speaks to them, their love, and their experiences! Let's have fun creating a memorable work of art for your special day and sweetest moments!

"my wedding is in 3 weeks! Help!!"

If we are available, we are happy to give you a consult for a last-minute order, though scheduling a tasting in that time frame might not be possible. Our schedule books solid months in advance. Getting in touch with plenty of time is best, but if your event is coming up and you need some delicious cake art, we'd be happy to do what we can to work with you.

"why can't i pick up my own 3 or more tiered cake?"

Simple. Transport is hard work. While tiered cakes have internal structural support, they are heavy and delicate. They often need to be transported and set-up at the event location, and need extra care over every bump, every stop-and-go, every twist-and-turn. For the safe arrival of your cake, and full enjoyment and relaxation on your special day, let us take the wheel... literally! 


"How far in advance do I need to book?"

Wedding Cakes: Planning a Wedding Cake, including tasting and consultation, is best with at least 2-3 months advance notice before your wedding date! It is not unusual to order your cake up to 1 year before your wedding! If your wedding date is set, get in touch to schedule a cake tasting right away to ensure availability for delicious cake art at your wedding!

Celebration Cakes: Planning your order with at least 4-6 weeks advance is best. The sooner the better as we book up months in advance, most especially for Wedding, Holiday, and Graduation Season! 


"Do you offer any special services?"

While cake is universally beloved, we recognize the need to provide inclusive customer service to our clients. This means that we will do our best to create a cake, and an experience, that allows you to share more than cake with your family and friends in the easiest possible way. For that reason, we offer English and French as spoken languages, and at request, can offer Spanish and Arabic as well. We can also recommend a fabulous ASL(American Sign Language) interpreter if you need one for your planning or event experience. 

Our aim is not only to provide you excellence in flavour and design, but also in your experience with us from start to finish, and well beyond your event! Our bakery is a safe space. All are welcome. And we appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!