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A Big 2018 Thank you!

Hello All!

I wanted to extend a huge thank you to all of our clients in the 2018 calendar year! And what a wonderful year of growth and opportunity it has been! I’ve been so grateful for your trust in our designs, for not fearing colour, being open to modern drama and accents, and for allowing us the chance to become a part of your very special memories! From parents helping to plan their children’s weddings and parties (often at a distance), to brides and grooms envisioning their wedding celebrations, and of course our event planner friends working to coordinate their client’s visions, thank you for having us and we look forward to working with each of you again in the coming year!

With so many wonderful experiences, I wanted to share a few of the highlights for our 2018 year:

  • Monthly Tasting Dates - With Engagement Season spanning the 6 weeks from Christmas Day to Valentine’s Day, our Monthly Tasting Dates for the first few months of the year were a huge hit! Scheduling your tastings in advance means that we can offer a wider selection of available flavour options for your sampling, and gets your wedding cakes secured on our calendar straight away. We will be continuing these Monthly Tasting Dates in 2019, with available dates and spaces published via our Social Media accounts - Facebook & Instagram. Stay tuned, and please share the news with any couples that you know who are in newly engaged!

  • Wedding Wire World - As a Business Owner, it is crucial me to stay up to date with the technology and trends of my industry, and build connections with other vendors. Traveling to Los Angeles this past year for WW World offered me just that! This is a way that we can continue to offer you (our clients!) excellence of service and a quality custom cake! Creativity lives in my soul, but a continued industry education provides for our clients an easer means of communication throughout your entire experience with us, from our first chat to the safe delivery of your cake, and beyond!

  • Technology - Speaking of tech, this year we’ve updated our internal systems to Dubsado which has created a much more seamless means of communication with you, including receiving and viewing your proposals, e-signing contracts, paying for invoices, and also gives you the means to upload any images or links that you’d like me to be aware of. This makes the business aspect of your ordering process a breeze so that we can focus on the creativity and design of your cakes… which, let’s face it, is way more fun!

  • YOU! - This year wouldn’t be possible without you! Your patronage, your references and reviews, your support by liking/sharing our Facebook and Instagram posts, and mostly your trust… it means the world to me! This business grew from a passion of baking to feed hearts and create wonderful memories! It has been my honour and pleasure to become a part of your events this year!

We’re looking forward to another wonderful year! See you in 2019!

All the best,

Leah Younan

Owner/Cake Artist, The Mix Baking Co.