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Cake Design: Tradition or Trend

A generation or two ago, cake design preferences often originated from our experiences: what we had seen at weddings/celebrations that we’d previously attended or perhaps what we had seen in a movie. These days, with the advent of social media outlets like Instagram and Pinterest, the options seem endless and the decision daunting. How do you know if you’re making the right choice for your cake design? Is this really your preference or are you just familiar with this design? Is it what you think is expected of you? Perhaps what you have in mind may match your colour scheme but not your personal taste.

Cake design is best and most meaningful when it is custom and unique to you! You may have a general idea that you’d like to discuss with us, but perhaps you also have a favourite flower, or colour, or experience that you’d like expressed in your cake.  Discussing with us your design preference can often mean sharing with us the story of your love, of your life, which you are celebrating with your guests. Cake is a delicious artistic medium! The design that you choose can help tell your story all while coordinating to your décor, your colours, and your taste.

Traditional white monochrome cakes with detailed piping work are absolutely gorgeous, and we love creating them for our couples!! That said, there are a variety of other newer options available and we take great joy in helping our couples find the cake design that is just right for them. Some of the recent cake trends are here to stay. Let’s explore them:


Naked/Semi-Naked Cake

This rustic design is perfect for feminine, delicate décor or countryside affairs. The exposed or “naked” effect came about as a result of the “laid-back” or barn venue wedding. Instead of having lavishly piped, traditional designs, brides wanted something with a rustic feel to coordinate to their decor. Often paired with flowers and fruit, this design has become just as common for outdoor events in the countryside as it is for event halls in downtown venues. It is versatile and pairs well with a variety of decoration choices including edible gold leaf, semi-drip effects, and metallic touches, as well as burlap borders, and lace.


Modern Metallic & Geometric

If you prefer an Art Deco style and enjoy sharp/defined lines, colour blocking, or even marbled fondant effect, this design style might be right for you. Having metallic effects on your cake can blend beautifully with modern and industrial venues. What is becoming quite familiar with modern cake design is extra tall or “double barrel” cake tiers. Double barrel means creating multiple tiers of the same size structurally but decorating them as one to create the effect of an extended or tall tier. Having a variety of tier heights can add interest to your cake design, taking it away from the traditional sizing. Including geometric shapes or having select cake tiers different shapes than others (cubes, hexagons, or the like) will allow your cake to stand out among your decor.


Textured Buttercream

There are so many options with the finish of a buttercream. We could create texture resembling waves, brush strokes, or, of course, a smooth finish… perhaps upon which you might find more traditional piping, floral designs, and much more! A growing trend in buttercream cakes is watercolour, a technique whereby a blending of buttercream in multiple shades creates an interesting colour effect. This can be paired with any number of textures but often adds dimension and allows the cake design to coordinate with event colour schemes. Along with multiple textures and colours of buttercream, a trend is emerging now: painted buttercream! Using buttercream like an acrylic paint, texturing coloured buttercream with brush strokes to create flowers, mountain or forest landscapes, and a variety of other textured art, can elevate your wedding cake to a truly unique piece of art where cake is the canvas! Though this painted cake effect can also be accomplished on a fondant covered cake, the raised texture of the buttercream adds an element of 3D to your final design. And while buttercream is often associated with traditional cake design, due to its versatility, it can do most anything.


Choosing your cake design is one of the most fun elements of wedding planning (along with your tasting, of course)! Get in touch today to discuss your many cake design options. We are happy to create a unique piece of cake art for your wedding, celebration, or corporate event!


Leah Younan

Owner & Cake Artist, The Mix Baking Co.