Deciding On Your Wedding Cake

Whether you’ve been dreaming about your wedding since you were young or just starting to imagine it now, your wedding is a special day meant to celebrate you and your fiancé! The glitz and glamour represented in movies is a dream meant for some, yet others dream of small gatherings at a family farm, destination weddings, or an informal industrial setting for cocktails and cake. Whatever wedding you choose, your cake should represent your personal favourite taste and aesthetic. But how do you choose your preferred cake? Let’s explore a few of the main factors in your wedding cake decisions:



You love chocolate and caramel, and your fiancé loves strawberries and cream. You love mocha, and your fiancé loves pistachio. Perhaps you both already know exactly what flavour of cake you typically order when out. Perhaps you feel like your guests expect a certain flavour to be offered. Sure! Let’s do that! If you know your favourite flavour from the get-go, perfect!  But perhaps you have certain flavour common to your cultural background that you’d like to explore. Or perhaps, as in my case, you have a particularly fond memory with the love of your life. You know the kind; the one that reminds you not only of the flavours, but the sounds, the setting, and the company with whom you enjoyed it all. For me, that meant sitting on the back porch of a Bed and Breakfast in my hometown, sipping on white chocolate raspberry hot cocoa (a concoction of the hostess), while listening to Edith Piaf on a humid summer’s night on a trip to show my love where I grew up.  White chocolate and Raspberry are a traditional pairing, but after that day that flavour profile means more to us. Maybe you have a night like this… a memory like this that you’d like to pay tribute to. I have an “open menu” which allows us to put those memories on your plate, and share that memory with your wedding guests, perhaps it might even make a cute anecdote during speeches!



You might be scanning through every bridal magazine in the country, and you ou may have a Pinterest board dedicated to your wedding, but for some reason you can’t quite imagine how to put together all of the elements that you love. Creating a piece of art for your wedding can seem daunting but that’s where I come in. Bringing other planned elements of your wedding (colour schemes, location, pictures of your dress, etc) to a tasting and consultation can help us build a cake that fully represents you and your fiancé joining together as one. It can fun and funky, it can be clean and traditional, or it can be edgy and modern.  Having a larger vision of your wedding celebration can help focus us so that we are creating a piece that not only coordinates, but compliments the other elements of your wedding celebration.



Setting your price point can be a helpful tool when planning your wedding in general. It helps keep you on track and reduces your stress as the wedding date approaches. That said, a Custom Designed Wedding Cake is not a grocery store cake. It doesn’t taste like grocery store cake. It doesn’t look like a grocery store cake. Everything about our custom wedding cake experience is unique and from scratch. You get custom designs, flavours and cakes made fresh just for you! So, it stands to reason that a custom wedding cake will cost more than a grocery store cake. Hours (and hours and hours) of intricate labour and design, premium ingredients, and a genuine love of the art goes into every one of my cakes. Creating a range for your price point rather than deciding on a particular fixed number might be a better way to approach a custom creation. Your wedding cake helps build memories for you and your guests. In my book, cake is priority #1 after finding the right person to share it with!


These 3 factors of choosing your wedding cake can vary drastically from one couple to the next but having the flavour and design that best fit your price point can create a standout element of your wedding and become the foundation of wonderful memories to come!


Leah Younan

Owner & Cake Artist, The Mix Baking Co.